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“PARTY GIRLS” by Greg Kadel for Numero August 2012…

Featuring Caroline Nielsen and our very own CHARLOTTE CAREY!!!

Elizabeth Sulcer (Fashion Editor/Stylist), Ward Stegerhoek (Hair Stylist), Lisa Houghton (Make-up Artist), Kiyo Okada (Manicurist)

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Last night at Drai’s Hollywood could have been a blur, as these things usually are, but given my new position here I’ve decided that vigilance and observation are two things I must perfect as part of my job.  So, instead of letting the good times roll (well, not entirely) I made sure to document the event through my eyes and share it for what it was: a cluster fuck of maddeningly stylish heavy-hitters gathered to celebrate three brands that play a big role in giving LA the legitimacy it’s so seldom granted in the fashion world.

 To Roark, Generic Surplus, and Fremont:

Thank you! Shit’s legit, for real. You make us proud.

Photographer, Yudo Kurita

Walker and Devin Carlson, founder and designer of Fremont



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editorials…SNEAK PEAK!!!

I have a special “hump day” announcement today.  Actually, “the hump” is old news at this point, because, as a lot of you know, I’ve been slaving away for the last few months producing, art directing, styling, and collecting collaborators for this online mag., and I’m so happy to announce that the first round of editorials is going up in the next day or two.  So, KEEP CHECKING BACK!!!   It’s pretty much the coolest thing I’ve gotten to do for the agency over the years, and I can’t wait to see these bad boys up and ready for your viewing pleasure.

Here are a few sneak peak outtakes so you can get PUMPED while you wait:

from “The Outsider” by Cameron McCool

from “Beware of All Enterprises That Require New Shoes” by Nicci Arone

from “Femme/Homme” by Renata Raksha

from “The Lost + Unrequited” by Kesler Tran

From “Kicking Behind the Swell” by Danno Watts

from Chambers Presents: “River Lords” by Nick Maggio



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with love,



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model by day: STEVE + CHLOE

The best part of our job, hands down, is getting to know our girls and guys not just by their hip measurements or the fact that they can walk a runway without face-planting in front of merciless FW front row assholes.  No offense, fashion people. I love you!  They’re people too with interests and hobbies and talents, OH MY!  Seriously, we have some of the raddest kids on our roster.  In fact, we actually kick it with a lot of them outside of work, which says a lot after a brutal week of castings and fittings, and it’s about time they get some credit for something other than looking pretty.

 meet STEVE LEE : model by day…

DJ and Professional Law and Order Viewer by night.

 PG:  Sup Steve!  Feels super weird talking to you like this because we’re homies, but can you tell everyone a little about what you do outside of modeling?

STEVE: Totally awkward. Other than being a model I primarily daydream about cheeseburgers. Heard it’s pretty normal for someone having a quarter life crisis. When I’m not doing that I’ve been occupying my time shooting photos, photo assisting, producing art projects, etc.. Definitely haven’t been utilizing my economics degree. I’ve been really fortunate to be surrounded by super creative and talented friends that have allowed me to learn and work with them. Skipping a few steps for sure.

PG:  So many cool, uber talented people randomly fall into modeling on a quest for other things.  How did you fall into it?

STEVE: This kind of goes back to being surrounded by friends doing cool shit. A friend had a line based out of LA and I was asked to model for the lookbook. That friend had been a model prior to being a designer and said he could probably hook me up with one of his past agencies if I was down. One thing led to the next and all of a sudden I was doing jobs for Urban Outfitters, Levi’s, etc.. Pretty random and rad.

PG: Where would one find you on a Thursday night in La La Land?

STEVE: Recently I’ve been totally mellow on going out. I’ve been super psyched on waking up early and having a full productive day. If I am out I’d probably be at the Darkroom [on Melrose]. Definitely helps that it’s two blocks away from the crib, and friends work there. It’s my equivalent to Cheers. But tonight, I’m DJing a Nike party downtown and Killer Mike is performing!!!! Dude rips. Once again, definitely not using my degree in economics..

Catch up with Steve at Party. via stevelee

meet CHLOE NORGAARD :  model by day…

DJ and Rainbow Child by night.

PG:  Hey, girly! Same thing: can you tell us a little about who Chloe is outside of modeling?

CHLOE:  I like long walks on the beach… (naked) with either a virgin margarita or an iced tea from a deli on long island, picking up sea glass, and I LOVE festivals and anything creative.  I really want to see Marilyn Manson in concert and I’d love to hang out with John Malkovich.  I’d pack them both in my suitcase on my travels.

PG:  Missed you last time you were in town.  What’s up with your latest adventures?

CHLOE:  Since I last saw you I went to London to walk in a show for men’s fashion week (Asger Juel Larsen) and visited my boyfriend in Copenhagen.  Then after gallavanting between NY and LA, I came back to Copenhagen for Roskilde Festival, got to DJ which was rad and ran around in my Pikachu outfit and goth boot creepers most of the weekend. Back to NY tomorrow.

PG: So, you recently got placed at ONE in NY!  We’re so proudof you!  What was their reaction to your crazy rainbow hair?

CHLOE: Yes!! Stoked!! I love the peeps over at ONE.  They’re dope.  They loved my hair which is super awesome.  Very exciting.  <3 Next level.

Follow Chloe’s unicorn adventures @Madamechloen + Art of Translation

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fresh face friday: CAITLIN + DEVIN



Age: 16

Hometown: Roseville, CA


Age: 20

Hometown: Philly, PA

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This is the time when our inhibitions were so last season…when we let go of old shit and hold tight to the wild moments that shape us.

We seize these days…these days of summer.


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wang kills it, once again…

As I sit here wiping the drool off my chin over Alexander Wang’s Pre-S/S ’13 collection,  I think to myself, “I f’ing love this man.  I want to marry him and ask nothing else of him but to make me beautiful clothes for the rest of our lives.”  Alas, all I can do is dream and admire the way he’s constantly kicking ass and taking names along the way.

It’s really simple, kids: black/white + sexy leathers + airy chiffons + swag (mandatory). There’s zero trace of “cruise” but instead a more structured, bad-ass approach to what we deem resort.  His collections embody everything I lust over, and this one does not disappoint…not even a little bit….not even at all.

 NOTE: Some girls only aspire to be tough enough to rock such hard-edged digs, but ya know what?…..a Photogenics Girl can rock a trash bag and look killer doing it.

True Story.


See more at Coute Que Coute

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Happy 4th of July

FINALLY!!!!! It’s been such a long time coming, and I’m stoked to be writing our first post.   I took on the role of running this blog + mag because I like to think I know what it really means to be a part of this agency, to take pride in the creativity and open-minded, against-the-grain mentality we all share here.  SO, here I am, heart in hand, about to share what Photogenics is all about: the things we love, what we’re proud of, where we’ve been, and where we’re sure to go.  Plus, we’re super inspired every day, and we trip out on all the amazing work put out there by our industry peers. This is our way of showing love and giving props where props are due.

So, from all of us at Photogenics, Happy 4th of July, fashion heads!! Signing off w/ some words from one of the raddest movies of all time:

“This summer when you’re being inundated with all this bi-centennial, 4th of July, bru-ha-ha just remember what you’re celebrating. That’s the fact that a bunch of slave-owning aristocratic white males didn’t want to pay their taxes.” – dazed and confused


Photo by Steve Lee, Model: Danica Solomon

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