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speaking of CALI LOVE…

I just came across this great little campaign for PacSun featuring our resident skate kid, Torian.  While this is by no means high fashion or art-snobbery at its finest,  it’s enough to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside at the thought of life here in California.  This is a place where you’re at the beach one minute,  a 2.5 hour drive later you can be shredding down Bear Mountain, another 2.5 hour road trip south and you’re poolside in the hot desert sun while some DJ spins Radiohead remixes, and if you have another 5 hour road trip in you, you can be soaking in the magic that is Big Sur.   Top it off with a 2 hour drive north and you can be staring at the Golden Gate Bridge with your best friends feeling grateful as shit to be alive.  Doesn’t get a whole lot better than that.  =)












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a new day for SAINT LAURENT…

I feel like fashion enthusiasts all over the world are waiting patiently, yet not so patiently at all in anticipation.  They’re waiting to catch a glimpse of Hedi Slimane’s debut collection for the design house formerly known as Yves Saint Laurent.  What will he bring to such an already legendary giant in the fashion world?  Will it RULE super hard, or will it fall short of great expectations?

As a huge fan of French-born Hedi Slimane and his work as a designer and photographer, I have no doubt that this collection will mark the start of a brand new chapter in French fashion.  The change seems well-received, and honestly, perhaps this injection of So-Cal love will do Paris some good.  Whether people know it or not, California is such an incredibly awe-inspiring place to create, and there’s a reason Hedi has made it his home for the past 6 years.  It’s my home, our home, and I’m excited to see if he brings a piece of it back home with him as the new creative director of Saint Laurent.

In the meantime, I’m catching up on some Hedi Slimane Diary and peeping editorials like this recent story he did for Vogue Homme Japan to get ready for an inspiring show and a stellar first collection.



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model by day: + BRIANNA FALCONE +

Brianna Falcone in LOVE ME, an intimate portrayal of a girl who just wants to be loved.

“Love Me” – Pictorial and Video by Nicole Anne Robbins

Styling by Angel Johnson + Hair/Make Up by Katelyn Galloway

meet BRIANNA FALCONE Model By Day….

Yoga Goddess and Songbird by Night.

PG:  Tell us a little about who Brianna is outside of modeling.

BF: Outside of modeling my life revolves around yoga and music.  I’ve been doing yoga for about 5 years and teaching for almost 2 1/2 years.  Music on the other hand is something I’ve been doing ever since I can remember.  I started singing in my first choir at the age of 4, writing my own music by the age of 8, and playing guitar at 10.  It’s been my biggest passion ever since.

PG:  Who/What are your inspirations?

BF:  My mom is a huge inspiration of mine.  She’s an amazing human being.  I’ve learned so much about living a meaningful and happy life from her.  Musically I’m inspired by an endless list of incredible musicians including Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, Regina Spector, Ingrid Michaelson, Bob Dylan, John Mayer, Damien Rice, Amy Winehouse etc.

PG:  Tell us your mantra for life.

BF:  Happiness comes first.  Only when you’re happy can you ever truly inspire, love, or make a difference.

PG:  Where do you usually find yourself on, say, a Wednesday night?

BF:  I spend most of my Wednesday nights at a yoga class on the west side or at this amazing concert venue in Venice called the Witzend where a lot of rad local musicians and friends play.

See more of Brianna at, or check out to hear new music and find out about upcoming shows in the Los Angeles area.


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preview…CAROLA by Carolina Palmgren

OK, so I’m really excited about this one.  A couple months ago, I asked Carolina Palmgren to shoot a fun Fall story for me in New York featuring our firecracker of a model, Carola Remer, and now I finally get to give you all a little sneak peak.  I couldn’t be more stoked about the stellar team and collaborators:  stylist and fashion editor Angela Esteban Librero of METAL MAGAZINE, make-up artist  Fredrik Stambro @ Streeters, and hair stylist Shawn Mount.

Stay tuned for the full story set to release next week.


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Hey Party People!!!  Tonight we’ll be celebrating the release of a new installment of editorials by Tony Duran and Carolina Palmgren as well as our first Art Photography Series “10”, commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Photogenics.

It’s gonna be a WILD ONE …. See you there!

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