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that’s my girl….LEORE HAYON

I’m sitting here at the agency coming down from a crazy whirlwind of a Halloween weekend…tired and drained from 3 days of crazy fun and hard work.  Even though the “Case of the Mondays” is really taking a toll on my psyche, I’m still super jazzed because today is the day I get to announce the newest addition to our Photogenics Contributors: my girl, LEORE HAYON of The Girl Habit.

I’ve just recently gotten to know Leore as more than just a model we rep.  She’s a down ass chick who will go to a Grizzly Bear show with you at the drop of a hat and dance her ass off with you at her own birthday party at the Spare Room.  She’ll be giving us a little peak into the very essence of LA Culture as she sees it; the fashion, music, art, and people that make LA such a rad place to be young, wild, and free.

So, stay tuned for Leore’s very first post and check her out in the latest Stussy x Lovemade promo: Heartbeat City

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casting candids from OYSTER MAG…

And now some words from booker and resident Photogenics Mag photo editor/artist/photographer/new-ager, Nicci Arone:

“All day long when this casting was going on for Oyster Magazine I was getting emails from the models telling me how rad the photographers were and thanking me for sending them over to meet up.  That legit NEVER happens.

Combine Aussie talent, Mark Vassallo, with Cali native Mike Piscitelli in a Venice Beach bungalow, and apparently you have the chillest casting vibes in the city.  They even offered to let a couple of the guys and girls borrow their bikes to check out the Venice boardwalk.  Fuck working in an office, sometimes, eh?

On the real though, I was stoked that they were into so many of our talent.  We easily have the dopest ones on the west coast so I’m not at all surprised. (thumbs up!)” – N –

And guess what? Oyster Magazine thinks so too.  Check out some of our Photogenics kids featured on their blog in the article, Marky VS LA Casting.

Photos courtesy of Mark Vassallo for Oyster Magazine.

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Benni…and THE JETT

Yep, I’ve been working with my sister, Dylana, at the Modern Vice shoe factory here in NYC on a brand new boot!  It’s called the BENNI, and it’s a new, simpler spin-off to the “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” JETT boot.  The JETT’s have been everywhere this fall and during fashion week. We’ve seen them on all our favorite star bloggers from around the globe, and daily I get to see images of readers styling them on Instagram. It’s time for something fresh and new. Here you have it,  the BENNI!

 Email for more details on our new shoe! I’m excited to show you more colorways and some of our special holiday designs!
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“do EVERYTHING your ego tells you not to.” – chloe


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…and this is my NYC.

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fashion week…SKINGRAFT SS ’13

     Our relationship with Skingraft has always been one of friendship and admiration.  We’ve been  supporting the LA based brand for many years now because they represent the promise of an unbelievable future for LA fashion and an elevated market that holds its own with regard to high design.

     This season, Skingraft presented a Spring Summer ’13 collection poolside at the Mondrian Hotel where Torian, Zinta, Dani, Nickayla, Breanna, Walker, and Simba stared motionless into the crowd of  spectators and media who were no doubt drooling over the structured, sports-inspired designs.   It was stoic, statuesque, mesmerizing…a dark display of eye candy for the Mad Max-obsessed.   Not to mention, killer hair+make up by Smashbox Cosmetics and Black Banditz.

Here’s a backstage look at the makings of a great presentation.  -M-

Photos Courtesy of Nathan Leeder Photography

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fresh face friday: ABIGAIL



Age: 16

Hometown: Irvine, CA

sweater by Alexander McQueen

photos by PHIRA LUON


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“make your own rules. BREAK the rest.” – chloe

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My first post here on the Photogenics blog!  Why, hello there!  I’m Natalie Suarez.  I live in New York City and yeaaaah, I do a bunch of different things.  I model, but I’ve got another thing called a blog.  That’s why some call me “Natalie Off Duty“, Nat Off Duts, or just plain Nat.  Really, whatever you want.  I tell the story of my life.  From being a young model in LA to moving to the Big Apple, without knowing anybody, and making it for my own.  I’m proud to say things have really fallen into place.  And yes, I love clothes.  Denim cut-offs, loose knits…my style is everything from boho to rock-chic, and I’m a boots fanatic!  I designed the boots I’m wearing in the photos right here in NYC.  They’re called THE JETT, named after one of our all-time favorite badasses, Joan Jett.  Our “Dylana + Natalie Suarez x Modern Vice” boot completes my life, and I travel with them everywhere.  So there you have it.  Just a tiny bit of me…a music lover, designer, and last but certainly not least…model.  Can’t wait to share with you more and more bits of my life!
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