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2013 Card Package…sooo FRESH.

Cards_2013_4MAD PROPS are in order, here.  My girl really pulled it out for this one.  The concept and art direction are none other than the cosmic brain child of Nicci Arone.  The package contains a small piece of outer space: a tektite called MOLDAVITE (known as the gemstone that fell to Earth as a result of a meteor collision nearly 15 million years ago which possesses high vibrational energy and is a powerful chakra opener at the heart). Yeah, I know it’s a little New Age, but so are we, and all we want to do is spread good energy and love in the new year.

So here’s to “vibing out” and getting creative together in 2013!!!  See you on the flip side.


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inspired…BON IVER

“Melancholy were the sounds on a winter’s night.” – Virginia Woolfe









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PHOTOGENICS Promo Book 2013…

Photogenics Promo BookIt’s insane how much creativity goes down here at the agency…all the hard work and man hours, the fruits of which usually go straight into the hands of our clients and agency friends in other markets.

So, I want to take this opportunity to show off a project that we are extremely proud of:  The Photogenics 2012-2013 Promo Book, a showcase piece using editorials and photos from a shoot we produced in-house.  True Story: we did everything from the photography (by our Agency Director, Phira Luon) down to the styling (by yours truly) and layouts with Nicci’s help.  We shot a total of 16 girls in 2 days at my loft in Downtown, styled out with some ridiculous designer pieces courtesy of Forward by Elyse Walker and CLD Stylehouse.  The whole team came together including Agency Owner, Nicole Bordeaux, and BOOM!  A full 125-page collaborative effort, printed and bound; a tangible token of our blood, sweat, and tears.  The teamwork over here is off the chain!!!

Here’s the fun part:  We’ll be randomly choosing 10 readers to receive a hard copy of the Promo Book. All you have to do is look to your right and subscribe to the Photogenics Blog by Jan. 5th, 2013 to enter!


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Cat Lady…

I hit up Smoke and Mirrors the other night…not sure if thats what it’s called anymore but its a club at the Standard Hotel on Sunset. I ran into just about everyone from Mark Hunter aka the Cobra Snake to my girls Jenny Parry and Chebo! It was one of those really unexpected nights out in LA.

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“Waiting For Tomorrow To Wake Up” x MONSTER CHILDREN x

Last week, I met up with Nicci and art department babe, Emily at the launch of Monster Children’s 37th Issue and the premier of Mike Piscitelli’s short film, “Waiting for Tomorrow to Wake Up.”  The party took place underneath a freeway overpass in a grungy studio/venue called Wild Honey Studios.  Something really stuck with me about that night.  There was something really surreal about it.

It was already a dreamy night to begin with. The rain and fog always do it to me. When I arrive, there’s a crowd of low-key skate/fashion people milling around. The low light from the garden lights make it difficult, but I finally spot my friends vibing out next to Erin Wasson. I reach for a beer, check out the short film looping on the seamless, go out to hear the band, and I look up to see this:

The best part is that the short film featuring our models Torian, Brianna, Leore, and Dakota is really fucking good.  It made me feel nostalgic for the days when the word “consequences” had no bearing on the decision to get into some trouble…when we felt free and untouchable.

Check out the short film’s editorial companion piece in Issue 37 of Monster Children Magazine available for purchase by clicking the cover below:


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reminiscing FLAT 425…

The official start of winter is fast approaching, so as it gets colder I like to reminisce on the summer I had.  And what a summer it was… Lots of my time was spent at my friend Chad Muska’s studio called Flat 425 on Fairfax. The space brought together so many friends and so much creative energy. I really miss it. The art exhibit or rather what was a “constant work in progress” was appropriately titled Deconstructionism.
See more from Chad Muska’s exhibition on

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FRESH FACE FRIDAY…The Digital Sessions by Phira Luon


Photography and Styling by Phira Luon

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