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“Into the Thicket” by SITKA

Warning: This is a wordy one…hope you have time to indulge. =)

This week has been KILLER.  While desert goers have returned like the Walking Dead to zombie the streets of LA trying to recover from the hedonistic onslaught of pure and unadulterated fun, I’m over here bouncing off the walls of my brain, buzzing with the anticipation of Coachella: Round 2 on the horizon. I can hardly stand it. Nerves are at a 10, and I need to be at, like, a 4 in order to get anything done.

Thankfully, my super outdoorsy best guy friend, Mike, always shows me cool shit that he finds online, and this time his offerings proved very helpful in my attempt to refocus.

He told me to peep these short films by Sitka, this really dope Canadian surf/skate brand that slangs the notion of apparel as a basic necessity, and they do it with such eloquence, both verbally and visually.











Sitka_2Since I’m such a sucker for words, I’ve decided to be annoying and copy/paste their message:

At the centre of our collective consciousness is a reverence for our environment – both the natural and urban worlds that we have created for ourselves. Sitka is a product of these environments, in which we find ourselves so at home. We’re found wandering the peaks and valleys of the mountain passes…[and] the rainy city blocks of the urban commute…And, if you’ve found yourself in these places; places where the fog clings to the trees and the ocean breathes salty breath on your face, remind yourself that there is no bad weather where there’s good clothing. And, for that, Sitka has got you covered.”


Visually, they’re far from your typical skate brand with thick woods and mountains as their backdrop in place of hot, grimy LA/NY streets.  Sitka is this beautiful winter that we can’t touch. 


And, clearly something about those Pacific Northwest boys really does it for me. ;)

So, this post is dedicated to some of the best dudes I know.  

You know who you are…


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Photogenics is proud to welcome this gorgeous babe to LA.  She flew in via NYC and is already taking LaLa Land by storm.  Get it, girl…Welcome to the Jungle.




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M.O.B. Happy Friday!!!

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Everyone say ‘SUP! to Jesse Somera, the newest member of our crazy, dysfunctionally functional Photogenics family.  No-brainer!!!  He’s an all around good guy, a babe of all babes who takes dope photos, skates heavy every day, and just happens to be homies with 50% of our board.  This is obviously an exaggeration, but he definitely hangs tough with the best of them.  His blog, Mad Thirsty, is one that I visit when I’m feeling a little down, and since he’s already contributed some photos for a couple of my previous posts, I invited him to become an official Photogenics blog contributor.

Stay tuned for MADTHIRSTY x Photogenics, comin’ atcha reeeeeeal soooon. Welcome to the fam, Somera!!!  – M –




Click HERE to view his full portfolio on the Photogenics Main Page.

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LOOK.BOOK.LOVE (Vol.2)…UNIF Spring ’13

HeYo!!! Welcome back, Kiddos!

Vol.2 of LOOK.BOOK.LOVE features the latest collection by Los Angeles based brand, UNIF, comprised of disgustingly cute couple Eric Espinoza + Christine Lai.   They do neo-90’s grunge like no other, and the angsty youth brigade is ravenously eating up every morsel of their throwback tributes to the things we hold so dear.  They also have zero qualms about dropping knowledge by bringing in super obscure references like American punk rock monster, GG Allin (If you don’t know, now you know. Google him. He’s insaaaane). Their designs are blaringly loud and almost painfully colorful, but, I mean, we all like a little pain now and again.  Either way, they’re not afraid to make shit that makes them happy, and in turn their throngs of avid followers are happy too.

So, without further ado, here is WET HOT AMERICAN BUMMER….UNIF SPRING 2013 featuring our gap-toothed beauty, Avery Tharp.

Photographed by Ben Cope








UNIF Spring 2013: WET HOT AMERICAN BUMMER from UNIF on Vimeo.

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