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Proud to announce that we are now representing Jakob Blom. Welcome to the board, Jake!



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ALYONA by Jonathan Waiter

Photogenics has known Jonathan Waiter for quite some time now.  We first came across his work when he was living and making photographs in Los Angeles 6 years ago, and we’ve been following his progression and forward moving art ever since.  He’s now based in NYC and creating the most hauntingly beautiful images I’ve ever seen.  We’re lucky to have such talent in this world.  Cheers to you, Jonathan!

Check out his recent work for A Magazine Curated By featuring our other worldly, Alyona Subbotina.

After the Belgian poet Albert Giraud, photographer Jonathan Waiter and stylist Brett Bailey explore the symbolism of the moonstruck Pierrot, the sad clown, and her pantomime romance.”

JW_page_05JW_page_08 JW_page_07 JW_page_02 JW_page_01 JW_page_03 JW_page_06 JW_page_04 JW_page_09

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BABE ALERT…Julia Almendra

It’s amazing when a girl like Julia comes to town and just kills it with personality.  She’s spending a few weeks in la la land, and we couldn’t be happier!    Welcome to LA, Julia!

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MILES FRANK in Daniel Patrick’s latest

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Carola…L’officiel Mexico

She’s done it again.  Another beautiful cover to add to her ammunition.  Check out Carola on the cover of  L’Officiel Mexico’s July issue!  Carola Remer L'officiel Mexico

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ART TALK…Tara Dougans

Tara Dougans was brought to my attention not too long ago by one of our savvy interns, and I haven’t been able to get her work out of my mind.  This Berlin-based digital artist, art director, and illustrator began her career in London where she spent 2 years doing art direction where her work was first noted for its hand-crafted, collage-style animation.  In 2012, she teamed up with to launch her first short called “Beware of a Man’s Shadow,” to mark the debut of Men’s Fashion Week in London and has since collaborated with Selfridges, Karl Lagerfeld, Maison Martin Margiela x SHOWstudio, Iris van Herpen, Commons&Sense Japan, Telegraph UK, Amsterdam International Fashion Week and the Fashion Department at the Antwerp Academy of Fine Arts.  

Art Talk: Tara Dougans Art Talk: Tara Dougans Art Talk: Tara Dougans Art Talk: Tara Dougans Art Talk: Tara Dougans Art Talk: Tara Dougans


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BABE ALERT…Corey Scott

Corey’s just a regular guy from Chicago who came to us via Pulse Management.  He used to be in a band, but is now living and working in LA.  He still writes and plays his own music and is just “really, really, ridiculously good looking.”  Welcome to the board, COREY!  You’ll do juuuuuuuust fine here.





photos by Andrea Marino

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So happy to have this adorable and endlessly cool for her age blondie on our board.  We had the pleasure of swooping her up and shooting her for the mag last week.  Look out for Irie in the upcoming Summer Issue of Photogenics MAG coming soon…

Fresh Face Friday - Irie Calkins Fresh Face Friday - Irie Calkins

Fresh Face Friday - Irie CalkinsFresh Face Friday - Irie Calkins Fresh Face Friday - Irie Calkins

Photos by Andrea Marino

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UPDATE…Julie Hooman

Proud to announce the rise of a star…Congratulations to miss Julie Hooman!  KILLING show season and making her mark on the fashion world. Can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Julie Hooman

AND this week….Christian Dior in Paris

Julie Hooman - Christian Dior Runway

Viktor & Rolfe…

Julie Hoomans Viktor & Rolfe Runway
















and Margiela

Julie Hoomans Margiela Runway

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BABE ALERT…Kelly Mittendorf

Hey Guys…Kelly’s back in town this week.  You all know her as the girl who took the industry by storm when she first walked on the scene as the face of Prada FW/11 campaign and then subsequently shot for every important magazine from Vogue Italia, British Vogue, i-D Magazine, Dazed & Confused, LOVE…. you name it.

She always has love for her west coast Agency, and that’s why she’s here.  Welcome back, Kelly!!!  <3 Photogenics.

Check out highlights from her latest editorials or her full portfolio here

BABE ALERT - kelly mittendorf

BABE ALERT - kelly mittendorf

BABE ALERT - kelly mittendorfBABE ALERT - kelly mittendorf BABE ALERT - kelly mittendorfSchon SS LG 2 copy BABE ALERT - kelly mittendorfSchon SS LG 2 copy BABE ALERT - kelly mittendorf

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