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The First Babe Alert of 2015 – Ciara Turner

The First Babe Alert of 2015 – Ciara Turner

It feels good to be back!!! We’re ready to make 2015 the best year yet, and with the Photogenics Art Book Vol. 2 on the horizon it’s sure to be a busy one.

I thought I’d start out with a little Babe Alert to get the year going on this blog.  I just want everyone to know about this girl because she’s one of the sweetest girls I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and she really brings it in front of the camera.  Look out for her in the Art Book issue of PhotogenicsMAG coming soon.

ciaraturner21 by Donald J ciaraturner13 ciaraturner609 ciaraturner611 ciaraturner610 img235 ciaraturner10 Athanasia42 edit

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Daphne Groenveld for Vogue Netherlands

NEW EDITORIAL: Daphne Groenveld looking better than ever for Vogue Netherlands Feb 2015.  Looks like we’re starting the coming new year off right.

Vogue-Netherlands-JanFeb-2015-1-787x1024 Vogue-Netherlands-JanFeb-2015-3-788x1024 Vogue-Netherlands-JanFeb-2015-6-784x1024 Vogue-Netherlands-JanFeb-2015-7-779x1024 Vogue-Netherlands-JanFeb-2015-11-785x1024


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Chloe Norgaard for i-D Magazine by StevieMada

It’s always nice seeing photographers you’ve worked with from the beginning “testing” days on the pages or websites of the best magazines on the planet.  It makes you feel like you played a part in the success of artists around you, and in this case, it’s the dynamic duo Steve Mada who last year made a colorful collection of shots featuring our resident rainbow child, Chloe.  Here’s to LA’s perpetual summer blues…and a long lost editorial rediscovered.

StevieMada_CN_01 StevieMada_CN_02 StevieMada_CN_03 StevieMada_CN_04_2 StevieMada_CN_05 StevieMada_CN_06

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Aspen Gerasimova by Kesler Tran

Starting off the week with a great beauty shoot we just got in from photographer, Kesler Tran who captured Aspen Gerasimova in-studio over the weekend. Beautiful Work, Kes!

Unknown-4 Unknown-1

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Annie has one of those “Out-of-this-World” faces that we perpetually seek here at Photogenics.  We couldn’t be happier to have her on our board. Welcome, Annie!

annie.portfolio.17 annie.portfolio.12 annie.portfolio.1 annie.portfolio.2 annie.portfolio.3 annie.portfolio.4 annie.portfolio.5 Unknown-1 Unknown-2 Unknown-3 Unknown-4 Unknown-5 Unknown-6 Unknown

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PhotogenicsMAG Issue No.10

PhotogenicsMAG Issue No.10 is up!!! Many, many thanks to all the photographers, make up artists, hair stylists, assistants, stylists, and models who collaborated with me on this issue.  Stay tuned for our annual printed Art Book Issue coming out early next year which will include all new stories and some of our favorites from 2014.  XOXO – photogenics.

Cover Promo Issue No.10A



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“Sinking Stone” by BRTHR for Dazed & Confused

This video directed by BRTHR for Dazed & Confused is sort of fitting for a Halloween Friday.  It’s a dark and twisty Bonnie & Clyde story.  There’s blood.  There’s a scary corn-rowed, jersey, grilled-out, gold chained twin brother villain duo chasing two attractive yet troubled teens through a dizzying tripped out nightmare set to a beautiful track by GEMS called “Sinking Stone.”  In other words, it’s F*cking FANTASTIC!!!

Best yet, it features our very own Krystall Schott, the ultimate model/author Kris Kidd, and Harmony Kourine’s claimed ATL Twins.  Click the image below to check out the video on including a little interview with the directors.



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A vision named Aspen…

Aspen is one of those girls who strikes inspiration in the creatives of this industry: photographers, art directors, stylists, make up artists, hair stylists, you name it.  Every artists loves a good canvas, and Aspen is everything we ever dream of in a muse.  I’m happy to say that now we can all rest easy (or rather hit the ground running) because she’s here in LA and I’m chomping at the bit to shoot her for PhotogenicsMAG: The Art Book Issue Vol. 2

Without further ado…The vision for which the title of this post gets its name.  ASPEN.


anna - ertgzk 7




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Just a few snaps from the Emily Daccarett Show during Concept LA this year.  Our girls stamped Photogenics all over that runway and our Art Department King / in-house Digitals master, Kevin Ipalari, was there to capture it all.


Concept_LA_13 Concept_LA_18 Concept_LA_19 Concept_LA_25 Concept_LA_49 Concept_LA_56 Concept_LA_61 Concept_LA_95 Concept_LA_112

For Runway Booking Inquiries, contact Emily DeTomaso in our Runway Division

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