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Robin Black for Allure Magazine

Make up artist and beauty documentarian, Robin Black, has done it again – an endlessly cool look at Spring beauty trends featuring an all star cast from Photogenics. Here are the highlights of our beauties Polina, Samie, and Zanna:






For the full article, click here 

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Milan Dixon for Elle South Africa

And of COURSE our adorable Milan Dixon scores the cover of Elle Magazine South Africa. Big congratulations to this bright, shiny soul.

Photographed by Daniella Midenge






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A booming congratulations to our boy, Nate Mitchell for his latest editorial in British GQ featuring Spring/Summer Designer collections and for landing a spot in the SS ’15 Diesel Campaign. Your Photogenics Fam is so proud!  Check out this rad video by one of our OG photographers, Nicholas Maggio and Andy J. Scottt as well as the full Diesel Campaign.



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Daphne Groenveld for Vogue Netherlands

NEW EDITORIAL: Daphne Groenveld looking better than ever for Vogue Netherlands Feb 2015.  Looks like we’re starting the coming new year off right.

Vogue-Netherlands-JanFeb-2015-1-787x1024 Vogue-Netherlands-JanFeb-2015-3-788x1024 Vogue-Netherlands-JanFeb-2015-6-784x1024 Vogue-Netherlands-JanFeb-2015-7-779x1024 Vogue-Netherlands-JanFeb-2015-11-785x1024


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Chloe Norgaard for i-D Magazine by StevieMada

It’s always nice seeing photographers you’ve worked with from the beginning “testing” days on the pages or websites of the best magazines on the planet.  It makes you feel like you played a part in the success of artists around you, and in this case, it’s the dynamic duo Steve Mada who last year made a colorful collection of shots featuring our resident rainbow child, Chloe.  Here’s to LA’s perpetual summer blues…and a long lost editorial rediscovered.

StevieMada_CN_01 StevieMada_CN_02 StevieMada_CN_03 StevieMada_CN_04_2 StevieMada_CN_05 StevieMada_CN_06

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PhotogenicsMAG Issue No.10

PhotogenicsMAG Issue No.10 is up!!! Many, many thanks to all the photographers, make up artists, hair stylists, assistants, stylists, and models who collaborated with me on this issue.  Stay tuned for our annual printed Art Book Issue coming out early next year which will include all new stories and some of our favorites from 2014.  XOXO – photogenics.

Cover Promo Issue No.10A



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We’re loving the eye-catchingly colorful latest from Teeth Mag featuring our lovely Jade McSorley.  Sometimes we need a little refresh and reboot before all the dark and moody ensues and we’re neck deep in sweater piles (make no mistake though…we LOVE said sweater piles) but it’s always nice to see a little color now and again.  Take it in….

Kristy_gammaray_1 Kristy_gammaray_2 Kristy_gammaray_3-1024x678 kristy_gammaray_4 kristy_gammaray_5 kristy_gammaray_6 kristy_gammaray_7 kristy_gammaray_8 kristy_gammaray_9 kristy_gammaray_11 kristy_gammaray_12


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Guess Jeans x Elle Mexico presents…

Paris Fashion Week is upon us, and I can’t wait to start sharing updates from the runway, but for now here’s a video collaboration from Guess Jeans + Elle Mexico featuring Marga and Clinton and music by our VERY good friends The Buttertones.

291935-800w 291936-800w 291938-800w 291941-800w 292444-800w

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Master on Oyster Mag by Eddie Chacon

1_110 2_108 3_93 4_101 5_89 6_85 7_73 8_77 9_61 10_73


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PhotogenicsMAG Issue No.9 Pre-fall/Summer

PhotogenicsMAG Summer/Pre-Fall Issue No.9  – Another amazing experience putting together this issue. Many thanks to everyone involved, including cover story photographer, David Cortes, as well as Arielle Manesh, Diane Jong, David Shama, and Nicci Arone/Yudo Kurita.

Cover Promo Issue No.9

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