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LOOK.BOOK.LOVE (Vol.2)…UNIF Spring ’13

HeYo!!! Welcome back, Kiddos!

Vol.2 of LOOK.BOOK.LOVE features the latest collection by Los Angeles based brand, UNIF, comprised of disgustingly cute couple Eric Espinoza + Christine Lai.   They do neo-90′s grunge like no other, and the angsty youth brigade is ravenously eating up every morsel of their throwback tributes to the things we hold so dear.  They also have zero qualms about dropping knowledge by bringing in super obscure references like American punk rock monster, GG Allin (If you don’t know, now you know. Google him. He’s insaaaane). Their designs are blaringly loud and almost painfully colorful, but, I mean, we all like a little pain now and again.  Either way, they’re not afraid to make shit that makes them happy, and in turn their throngs of avid followers are happy too.

So, without further ado, here is WET HOT AMERICAN BUMMER….UNIF SPRING 2013 featuring our gap-toothed beauty, Avery Tharp.

Photographed by Ben Cope








UNIF Spring 2013: WET HOT AMERICAN BUMMER from UNIF on Vimeo.

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Backstage with SCOTTxSCOTT…

It’s pretty clear that we’re super careful about how we contribute during LA Fashion Week.  There’s definitely a method to our madness, and we support a handful of brands for very different reasons.

In this case, B:SCOTT and now SARAH SCOTT have been friends of Photogenics from the start, and we’re proud to have been a part of their recent AW ’13 show.  I got to hang out backstage to catch our guys and dolls being ridiculous before they stormed the runway and put on a lively, trap-nasty show.   Cheers to SCOTTxSCOTT!!!  So fly… – M-






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LOOK.BOOK.LOVE (Vol.1)…Chapter…

So, check it.  I’m all about giving props where props are due.  I think I’ve even used that line in a previous post…maybe a few different posts…and I’ll keep saying it. #IDGAF.  It feels good to give dabs because I know what it’s like to pour your heart and soul into something until you’re lying there bleeding all over the floor.  I know.  It’s a little dramatic, but creatives can attest.  Seriously, that’s how it feels.  It’s funny, we all say we do it for the love or for the art, but come on.  Sometimes it’s nice to be recognized for a job well done.

It’s undeniable that lately our family of clients have been stepping it up artistically for what we used to dismiss as “unusable images.”  Now, a look book is an inspired, editorial take on line sheets, a creative outlet for many brands who are looking to make their distinctive stamp known and not forgotten.  So, I’ve decided to add a section to our blog to showcase the best of the best.

Welcome to LOOK.BOOK.LOVE (Vol. 1)

First up:  a new men’s brand called Chapter headed by our buddy and creative director, Devin Carlson.  It’s actually been out for a while, but it’s the one that inspired me to do these posts in the first place. So here it is.  Look on, and get lost…

Photography by Jimmy Fontaine, Model: Clinton

Don’t forget to follow them on instagram for more daily imagery @joinchapter 

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Morgan + Justin in HALFMAN ROMANTICS SS’13

So, I just fell in love with our boys Morgan and Justin in the new Halfman Romantics SS’13 video campaign, “Boys and Girls Meet Skateboarding.”  It’s Cali flavor at it’s finest, and though I’m still rocking winter gear (my fave), I’m slightly tickled by the idea of running around in big shades and a sundress thanks to this ditty.   Let’s “Venice” out for a minute, shall we?


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SHANE GAMBILL…Marc by Marc Jacobs Pre-Fall ’13







SHANE GAMBILL_MarcByMarcJacobs9-7ea9-4dea-b86d-60d62c4a4e92javascriptdocument.forms0_.downloadFileButton

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Our Swedish-born Berlin babe, Mathilda, in the latest Wasteland look book featured by Nylon Mag online.  Photography by Dove Shore.




Be sure to visit for an exclusive First Look and the full look book at

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Phira’s Pick: ELECTRIC HOLIDAY Disney x Barneys New York

Dammit!!! Now my icy heart is all warm and melty.  Phira’s pick for fashion insider fun is this amazing Disney x Barneys New York collaboration.  Bust out the eggnog and menthol cigs *those that know Phira TOTALLY get this*

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fashion week…SKINGRAFT SS ’13

     Our relationship with Skingraft has always been one of friendship and admiration.  We’ve been  supporting the LA based brand for many years now because they represent the promise of an unbelievable future for LA fashion and an elevated market that holds its own with regard to high design.

     This season, Skingraft presented a Spring Summer ’13 collection poolside at the Mondrian Hotel where Torian, Zinta, Dani, Nickayla, Breanna, Walker, and Simba stared motionless into the crowd of  spectators and media who were no doubt drooling over the structured, sports-inspired designs.   It was stoic, statuesque, mesmerizing…a dark display of eye candy for the Mad Max-obsessed.   Not to mention, killer hair+make up by Smashbox Cosmetics and Black Banditz.

Here’s a backstage look at the makings of a great presentation.  -M-

Photos Courtesy of Nathan Leeder Photography

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i-D: The Just Kids Issue NO.320

We first met Kelly Mittendorf when she was just a kid from Arizona paying visits to LA to get her development on, and now she’s all grown up!

Kelly… it’s all so MAJOR and we’re so stoked for you!!!

Check out the latest i-D covers shot by Terry Richardson featuring Kelly, Charlotte Free, and Cara Delevingne.


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