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“LOVE is my religion” – Chloe

DRIES VAN NOTEN feature in i-D Magazine…the Q&A Issue







Also check out my i-Profile on i-D online by clicking the image below:


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Desert Mornings

I always love going to the desert and getting away for a bit. The weather is so perfect these days. There’s nothing better then a desert morning in lace!

Photos by Omri Cohen

DesertMorning_2 DesertMorning_6 DesertMorning_3 DesertMorning_4 DesertMorning_5 DesertMorning_13 DesertMorning_7 DesertMorning_1 DesertMorning_8 DesertMorning_9 DesertMorning_10 DesertMorning_11 DesertMorning_12

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SNOW dayzzzz…

“I never seem to be in LA for very long these days… My most recent trip was a spur of the moment adventure to Utah for Sundance! I literally felt like I was in a snow globe. We’re so deprived of a winter in Los Angeles. I loved waking up and breathing in the fresh crisp air while feeling my nose turn cold. I traveled outside of Park City to meet some horses, check out the motels, and admire the beautiful scenery on the road.”

TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_1 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_2 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_3 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_4 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_5 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_6 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_7 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_8 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_9 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_10 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_11 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_12 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_13

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Back From the Homeland…

So, to catch you all up, I spent the holidays in Israel and had the most amazing time.  You can see more of my Israeli adventures on my blog The Girl Habit:  Home Away From Home, If You’re a Bird, I’m a Bird In her Raen’sand Dizingof

When I finally returned from Israel a couple weeks ago, of course the first thing I did was go see my girl Kelley Ash! We did a lil photo shoot at her place and around Silverlake, and then hit up a new photo exhibit at Space 15 Twenty on Cahuenga Boulevard featuring Photogenics’ very own Steve Lee! I’m always excited to see Steve. He probably thinks I’m a weirdo because I cant stop smiling when I’m around him. He kind of has that effect.







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“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the biggest accomplishment” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Teen Vogue – JAN 2013


MTV Style – UNIQLO Spring ’13

Screen shot 2013-01-10 at 11.06.56 AM

Harper’s Bazaar – NOV. 2012 – by Terry Richardson


Metal Magazine – NOV 2012 – “The Misfits” by Enrique Badulescu

chloe-misfits-Metal Magazine


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Cat Lady…

I hit up Smoke and Mirrors the other night…not sure if thats what it’s called anymore but its a club at the Standard Hotel on Sunset. I ran into just about everyone from Mark Hunter aka the Cobra Snake to my girls Jenny Parry and Chebo! It was one of those really unexpected nights out in LA.

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reminiscing FLAT 425…

The official start of winter is fast approaching, so as it gets colder I like to reminisce on the summer I had.  And what a summer it was… Lots of my time was spent at my friend Chad Muska’s studio called Flat 425 on Fairfax. The space brought together so many friends and so much creative energy. I really miss it. The art exhibit or rather what was a “constant work in progress” was appropriately titled Deconstructionism.
See more from Chad Muska’s exhibition on

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A Nouveau 90’s Girl at Heart…

Sometimes a girl’s just gotta throw on some overalls and what better ones than her CK denims.  I found mine at Wasteland…major score.  Below, I’m photographed with my friend Kelley Ash and photographer Brad Elterman at the Dresden on Vermont. The photos are taken by Henrik Purienne.  x Leore x

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“Because I will be running in the other direction, not running for cover ” – Gil Scott Heron

[always]…[after]…[will] – chloe

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