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A booming congratulations to our boy, Nate Mitchell for his latest editorial in British GQ featuring Spring/Summer Designer collections and for landing a spot in the SS ’15 Diesel Campaign. Your Photogenics Fam is so proud!  Check out this rad video by one of our OG photographers, Nicholas Maggio and Andy J. Scottt as well as the full Diesel Campaign.



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Ganna & Steve in “DRUGS” by Dream Stretcher

A Big Thank you to our friends Ganna and Steve for lending their talents for a very special music project I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of called Dream Stretcher.  Driving out to Joshua Tree with 4 friends and a camera to film a music video for a song that means something incredibly real to me…well, it was really the only way to go.

This is “Drugs” directed by Ryan Valdez

Instagram @dreamstretcher
Twitter @dreamstretcher

Drugs EP now available on iTunes and Spotify.

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ASPEN in a film by Gizelle Hernandez

This film by Gizelle Hernandez featuring our alien beauty Aspen is a visual feast for those of us who crave the strange and unpredictable shapes fashion can take on.  I usually gravitate towards dark and moody vibes, but how refreshing it is to see color and whimsy for a change!  It’s Alice [as in Wonderland] coming undone in her own crazy fantasy, and we looooove it.  Bravo to all involved! Job well done.

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“Sinking Stone” by BRTHR for Dazed & Confused

This video directed by BRTHR for Dazed & Confused is sort of fitting for a Halloween Friday.  It’s a dark and twisty Bonnie & Clyde story.  There’s blood.  There’s a scary corn-rowed, jersey, grilled-out, gold chained twin brother villain duo chasing two attractive yet troubled teens through a dizzying tripped out nightmare set to a beautiful track by GEMS called “Sinking Stone.”  In other words, it’s F*cking FANTASTIC!!!

Best yet, it features our very own Krystall Schott, the ultimate model/author Kris Kidd, and Harmony Kourine’s claimed ATL Twins.  Click the image below to check out the video on including a little interview with the directors.



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Gap “DRESS NORMAL” Campaign

Diana Georgie in the latest commercial for GAP’s “Dress Normal” campaign directed by the legendary David Fincher!  Looking amazing and showing girls how to “Dress like no one’s watching”

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Guess Jeans x Elle Mexico presents…

Paris Fashion Week is upon us, and I can’t wait to start sharing updates from the runway, but for now here’s a video collaboration from Guess Jeans + Elle Mexico featuring Marga and Clinton and music by our VERY good friends The Buttertones.

291935-800w 291936-800w 291938-800w 291941-800w 292444-800w

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LOOK.BOOK.LOVE. Ashley + Clinton for STUSSY


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MILES FRANK in Daniel Patrick’s latest

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Music: The Shoe

This music video makes me want to die it’s so pretty.  Please enjoy this beautiful pink dream by actor, Jena Malone’s new music project The Shoe. “His Gorgeousness” featuring fashions by Marc Jacobs, Katie Gallagher, and Houghton.




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MUSIC: Sunrise, Sunset…King Krule in LA

The UK just really knows how to make ‘em.  My friends are a savvy bunch, especially when it comes to music, and I was introduced to King Krule back in the fall during an al fresco post-dinner wine session on a blanket in front of my bandmate’s apartment complex.  You know…on some real adult shit.  These conversations somehow always revolve around music, and if we digress, it always comes right back ’round to music again, and pretty soon everyone is wine-drunk and dreamy-eyed, reliving how James Blake’s live bass made us feel that time he played at the cemetery.

I came across this really intimate video of King Krule filmed next to the LA river, and I was overcome with this overwhelming feeling that I could just NEVER be that cool. However, hearing a 19-year-old who is wise beyond his years slay a really simple, stripped down version of his solemn track, “Centimentality,”- just him and his vintage rhodes – gave me a sense of vicarious confidence even if only for that moment in time.

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