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MILES FRANK in Daniel Patrick’s latest

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Music: The Shoe

This music video makes me want to die it’s so pretty.  Please enjoy this beautiful pink dream by actor, Jena Malone’s new music project The Shoe. “His Gorgeousness” featuring fashions by Marc Jacobs, Katie Gallagher, and Houghton.




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MUSIC: Sunrise, Sunset…King Krule in LA

The UK just really knows how to make ‘em.  My friends are a savvy bunch, especially when it comes to music, and I was introduced to King Krule back in the fall during an al fresco post-dinner wine session on a blanket in front of my bandmate’s apartment complex.  You know…on some real adult shit.  These conversations somehow always revolve around music, and if we digress, it always comes right back ’round to music again, and pretty soon everyone is wine-drunk and dreamy-eyed, reliving how James Blake’s live bass made us feel that time he played at the cemetery.

I came across this really intimate video of King Krule filmed next to the LA river, and I was overcome with this overwhelming feeling that I could just NEVER be that cool. However, hearing a 19-year-old who is wise beyond his years slay a really simple, stripped down version of his solemn track, “Centimentality,”- just him and his vintage rhodes – gave me a sense of vicarious confidence even if only for that moment in time.

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News: Chelsea Schuchman x The 1975 “Robbers” music video

It seems that a very common natural progression for models is to explore acting.  They’re taking their ability to emote and express into further realms,  opening up the possibilities, going out for indie film projects and music videos and just discovering human emotion in a completely different way.  After all, the moving image is, in my opinion, a much more impactful media through which we, as humans, can relate and share experiences, and our industry is evolving accordingly.  Visual marketing will never be the same again.  It’s already happening.

Either way, our models are getting booked on really cool projects that I thought I’d start sharing more of.  In this music video for “Robbers” by The 1975, our wild-haired, wild-eyed Chelsea Schuchman bleeds “coolness” and a certain je ne sais quoi.  Pay attention to her acting chops…I swear, you’ll be impressed.

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Marga Esquivel in SONIA by Sonia Rykiel

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Ch. x Photogenics with DYLAN FOSKET

If you haven’t already checked out our newest issue, you should do it…like RIGHT NOW.  We’re about to take off until the new year, but in the meantime enjoy this menacing video editorial we shot in Brooklyn for a brand collaboration with LA-based men’s designer Chapter.


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Steve Lee in LOUIS VUITTON City Guides Video 2014

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted, mostly because we get busy over here.  REALLY busy.  And because, frankly, shit happens.  Big things take place and instead of writing about it, you retreat and decide that living it is the only way to get through to the other side.  You decide that caring about the things that seem to matter when you do what we do: who shot what big editorial, who booked that big campaign, being seen at that magazine party, what photographer is dating which models, selfies, instavids, “tag me” AAAAAGH!!! – it can all get so fucking exhausting!!!  So we retreat, withdraw from it all for the opportunity to get back to who we are.  We have to give ourselves that much so that we can come back with a fresh outlook and a new set of survival skills to take on each day.

I’ve been plugging away at the new Summer issue of PhotogenicsMAG, which is set to release tomorrow, but in the meantime I wanted to share this short film which I find symbolically appropriate for the way a lot of people are feeling around me.  The Journey, the Heroine, the Bad Boys, the Villain, the Triumph, and let’s face it – everyone wants to ride that unicorn through the streets of LA.  So, enjoy this extremely well-done short by RODARTE and TODD COLE featuring our rising star, DAKOTA with music by one of my all time favorite bands, BEACH HOUSE.


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NOTES OF MEMORY…(father’s day)

click to view…Notes of Memory

“Notes of Memory” is a short film by Michelle Peerali featuring our very own Stefanie Wood, Alli Cripe, Dakota Bottcher, Adesuwa Aighewi, and Leore Hayon as they share really moving accounts of their favorite scent memory on  Really well done…and it got me thinking of the scents that mean the most to me.

As a child, my dad was never the warm, loving type.  He was stoic, solemn, the stern provider, a military man.  He was the head of the household with strict and sometimes unreasonable rules, but there was never any doubt that he loved us.  I always knew that he did…he was just hell bent on carving out a good life for his family.  He rarely picked me up, but when he did the smell of his $4 BRUT Cologne from the drug store stuck to my clothes for hours.  When he did, I knew I was safe.

Now, I’m a fully developed human, and he’s a different man.  He’s… jolly even.  He and my mom travel the world, organize medical missions, and plant community gardens in their homeland.  He loves a nice red wine and enjoys hiking, as well as an occasional secret-back-alley cigarette on special occasions (The jig’s up, Dad. We know. ;) )  He’s a different man than the man I knew growing up, but two things have remained:  He still loves his family more than anything, and he still wears $4 BRUT Cologne from the drug store.  Some things never change.

Happy Father’s Day, DAD!  You’re really the best dad ever. – M-

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LOOK.BOOK.LOVE (Vol. 3)…OBEY Summer ’13

We’ve been working with the fam over at OBEY CLOTHING for coming up on 5 years now.   Everyone who works at the brand is dope to the max so of course we vibe like no other!

On the real tho, this street wear brand has had a cult-like culture following for what feels like forever, and we’ve been so hyped to be a part of it for all these years.

Beyond just keeping you looking fresh, Shepard Fairey talks here about the OBEY commitment to global awareness…

…aaaand, creep some of our favorite styles from their Summer 2013 look book below, featuring our bleach blonde babe KYLIE and our skate life dudes WALKER and TORIAN.




Photos by Jon Furlong

- N -

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