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speaking of CALI LOVE…

I just came across this great little campaign for PacSun featuring our resident skate kid, Torian.  While this is by no means high fashion or art-snobbery at its finest,  it’s enough to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside at the thought of life here in California.  This is a place where you’re at the beach one minute,  a 2.5 hour drive later you can be shredding down Bear Mountain, another 2.5 hour road trip south and you’re poolside in the hot desert sun while some DJ spins Radiohead remixes, and if you have another 5 hour road trip in you, you can be soaking in the magic that is Big Sur.   Top it off with a 2 hour drive north and you can be staring at the Golden Gate Bridge with your best friends feeling grateful as shit to be alive.  Doesn’t get a whole lot better than that.  =)












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part one: Smashbox Presents: PLAY MOCA with ACTIVE CHILD and Zola Jesus…

Tonight, there’s a ridiculously awesome thing happening at the MOCA Geffen.  MOCA has teamed up with our friends at Smashbox to create these multi-media events called Play MOCA, which is essentially 3 summer parties where art and music get together and make sweet, sweet love.

Tonight, one of my all time favorite bands is playing:  ACTIVE CHILD along with Zola Jesus who is equally cool as fuck.

Unfortunately, (and also fortunately for me) I’ll be camping along the Kern River, and I will be missing this.  Booo…I’m a total Sad Sally about it. =(  So, I thought I’d leave you all with an Active Child video to get you in the mood for an inspiringly dreamy weekend.  See you on the flip side, everyone!  I’ll be soaking it all in.


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tensegrity…featuring ALLA KOSTROMICHOVA

Just saw this fashion video recently of our girl Alla Kostromichova, and I thought, “WOW. I f’ing love this.  Super weird.  Maybe a little too weird, but beautiful and right up our alley.”
What can I say?  We’re PHOTOGENICS and that’s how we roll.

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YES!!! Sarah Jordan in the new Urban Outfitters Denim 2012 video.  Seriously, I’m shaking in my summer wedges at the thought of the kind of debauchery I face this weekend in SF with my closest slash craziest friends, the kind of debauchery we only encounter in our twenties when we’re expected to be all responsible and such. Watching this just makes me yearn for the care free good old years of harmless high school mayhem.  So, some words of wisdom for all you young bucks:

“ENJOY YOUR YOUTH!!” and live this video.

The 2012 Denim Catalog from Urban Outfitters on Vimeo.

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