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A Nouveau 90’s Girl at Heart…

Sometimes a girl’s just gotta throw on some overalls and what better ones than her CK denims.  I found mine at Wasteland…major score.  Below, I’m photographed with my friend Kelley Ash and photographer Brad Elterman at the Dresden on Vermont. The photos are taken by Henrik Purienne.  x Leore x

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YES!!! Sarah Jordan in the new Urban Outfitters Denim 2012 video.  Seriously, I’m shaking in my summer wedges at the thought of the kind of debauchery I face this weekend in SF with my closest slash craziest friends, the kind of debauchery we only encounter in our twenties when we’re expected to be all responsible and such. Watching this just makes me yearn for the care free good old years of harmless high school mayhem.  So, some words of wisdom for all you young bucks:

“ENJOY YOUR YOUTH!!” and live this video.

The 2012 Denim Catalog from Urban Outfitters on Vimeo.

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