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ADESUWA for The Kooples FW14

Adesuwa for The Kooples FW14 Adesuwa for The Kooples FW14 Adesuwa for The Kooples FW14 Adesuwa for The Kooples FW14

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PhotogenicsMAG Issue No. 6


Kablaaahw!!! Dropping the 6th issue feels so good, you guys, but I also feel like I just birthed a child.  Again, a big high five and sincerest gratitude to everyone who contributed.  I’m stoked to have you all as colleagues and homies.

For all you Spotifiers, I made a quick playlist of all the tunes I was listening to while laying out this issue.  You can find me under Melanie deJesus and the playlist is called PhotogenicsMAG Issue No.6.  And if you’re not already on Spotify, you should be.  For real.  It’s EVERYTHING.

To everyone who follows Photogenics, have a bitchin’ end of the summer and get ready for our fall issue.  Lots of surprises to come.  – M-


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LOOK.BOOK.LOVE (Vol.4)…For Love + Lemons

It’s Monday. BLEH. Really…The worst day of the week, but while so many people out there are grinning and bearing through the day, begrudgingly going through the motions, I get to come to work and look at pretty photos all day and then go make music when I’m done.  #sorrynotsorry.  Not a bad way to start off another week, and for that I am tremendously grateful.  There’s something to be said about getting to do the things you love for a living, so to everyone reading this: We have to dream big. Settling is not an option. Our sanity depends on it…and so on and so forth.

It’s a LOOK.BOOK.LOVE kind of day, and I’ve decided to feature our babe-of-all-babes, Daria P. in “Cry Baby” For Love and Lemons Summer ’13 shot by Zoey Grossman.  Another on-point concept styled by Nasty Gal senior stylist and Purse’n Boots blogger, Ashley Glorioso.  …and damn, girl. THOSE LIPS!!! I want it all.

So here we are with another Monday under our belts.  Let’s just brace ourselves for the week ahead and be eternally grateful for the good, shall we? What other way is there? -M-

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Our Swedish-born Berlin babe, Mathilda, in the latest Wasteland look book featured by Nylon Mag online.  Photography by Dove Shore.




Be sure to visit for an exclusive First Look and the full look book at

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tensegrity…featuring ALLA KOSTROMICHOVA

Just saw this fashion video recently of our girl Alla Kostromichova, and I thought, “WOW. I f’ing love this.  Super weird.  Maybe a little too weird, but beautiful and right up our alley.”
What can I say?  We’re PHOTOGENICS and that’s how we roll.

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wang kills it, once again…

As I sit here wiping the drool off my chin over Alexander Wang’s Pre-S/S ’13 collection,  I think to myself, “I f’ing love this man.  I want to marry him and ask nothing else of him but to make me beautiful clothes for the rest of our lives.”  Alas, all I can do is dream and admire the way he’s constantly kicking ass and taking names along the way.

It’s really simple, kids: black/white + sexy leathers + airy chiffons + swag (mandatory). There’s zero trace of “cruise” but instead a more structured, bad-ass approach to what we deem resort.  His collections embody everything I lust over, and this one does not disappoint…not even a little bit….not even at all.

 NOTE: Some girls only aspire to be tough enough to rock such hard-edged digs, but ya know what?…..a Photogenics Girl can rock a trash bag and look killer doing it.

True Story.


See more at Coute Que Coute

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