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The Quirky Girl – Love from NY Times…

We pride ourselves on recognizing, appreciating, and utilizing the quirky things that make our models stand out in a market where the simply “pretty” girls get lost in the shuffle.  In this recent NY TIMES article, “For Fashion Models, Quirk is In” the quirky girl is the one to beat by current industry standards according to some pretty legit players: top designers, scouts, casting directors, and the like.

The quirky girl is kind of our bag, and to see that 3 of our girls are mentioned in this article just sort of puts some proverbial hot pink icing on our cake.  To Chloe Norgaard, Avery Tharp, and Kelly Mittendorf…you GO girls.  We love you for doing you…It’s clearly working like CRAZY in your favor.  -M-


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